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Catalog & Track

Limitlessly upload, organize, and track all of your artwork into collections known as folios. No more forgetting critical information such as titles, pricing, medium information, and other details. With Cloudfolios, your most critical information is available to you at anytime.

Exhibit & Share

CloudFolios gives you unlimited storage and sharing of your artwork images and data. We don't make our money charging for storage and limiting your creativity. Users are also able to create public, online galleries for the purpose of selling and social sharing.

Manage & Sell

With CloudFolios, you can catalog, organize, track and sell your work for both social and professional gains. Automate a website and manage purchases, sales, and subscriptions as well as artist calls, competitions, and portfolio reviews by other members and organizations.


97 published works

Robert Chris Hardman

11 published works

Art by SDavis

15 published works

Kira Gondeck-Silvia

19 published works


41 published works

D. Buckner Photography

115 published works

KC Eckes

21 published works

Gary Greer

7 published works

Larry Maynard Artist

21 published works


37 published works

Jo-An Frances

30 published works

lisa sachs

19 published works

Catalog Your Artwork and Collections. Preserve Your Legacy.
For any Artist, Collector and Art Organization.

For Artists

CloudFolios is for visual artists who are interested in cataloging, organizing, tracking and selling their work for social and professional gains. Whatever medium, CloudFolios supports all kinds of artists from beginners to practicing professionals.

For Art Collectors

CloudFolios is for art collectors who are interested in organizing their private collections, protecting their investments, recording and tracking value and location, showcasing their collection, purchase new artwork, as well as sell and distribute their artwork.

For Art Organizations

CloudFolios is for all kinds of art organizations such as galleries, institutions, non-profits, and museums and that need to catalog and manage artwork as well as exhibits. Art organizations can select and curate art, manage major and rotating exhibitions, and so much more!

Free for Artists for Life with Unlimited Uploading and Sharing of Your Artwork

We want to help you create a lasting legacy. With CloudFolios, you can catalog your work for FREE and let us be a witness to your greatness. Then, if you need to, add paid plans for premium features such as the ability to sell your work through our platform or run exhibitions and set up calls to artists.

Whether you have just a handful of works or an entire career worth of inventory, CloudFolios gives you unlimited storage and sharing of your artwork and data. We don't make our money charging for storage or limiting your creativity.

Start Uploading

A Platform With Tools to Help You Manage & Organize Every
Facet of Your Artistic Career and Business

Unlimited Uploading

CloudFolios does not limit or charge you by the amount you upload. With unlimited uploads, you can organize and keep track of more.

Editions & Produced Works

Create and track original, reproduced, and available editions. Copy edition information across your entire collection for lightning fast cataloging.

Career Management

Document and manage career related information such as an artist statement, curriculum vitae (CV-Exhibition History), biography and awards.

Exhibition Management

Find, submit to, and manage calls to artists, competitions, and portfolio reviews submitted by members and organizations. Add your own events and accept submissions from other artists.

Art Inventory

Identify and browse through your physically produced artworks & products that are available for transfer or sale through the CloudFolios platform.

Public Gallery

Browse through user uploaded work across various mediums from artists all of over the world. Connect with other artists socially.

Public Ledger

Open access our blockchain that tracks the creation of produced works and the transfer of the ownership and possession of those works. It also authenticates serial numbers for produced works.

Order Center

Create invoices and process orders and sales. View important details relating to products such as, billing, shipping, tracking and order ID numbers.


Organize and share your artwork with the world. No credit card required. Free for artists for life.